What is XML

XML stands for eXtensible Markup Language.

XML is a self-descriptive markup language, much like HTML, which was designed to store and transport data. XML has been a W3C recommendation since 1998.

XML is platform and language independent language which is used to carry the data but not to display any.

Features and advantages of XML

  • Separates data from HTML
  • Simplifies data sharing and data transport
  • Simplifies the change of a platform
  • Increases data availability

How CodeDribble helps you for XML

CodeDribble provides you various features for XML with which you can do the following.

XML Validator

Validate your XML for any error. CodeDribble’s XML Validator will notify you the error and its description along with the line number where the error occurred.

XML Viewer

Write or paste your raw XML in CodeDribble’s XML Viewer and you can view and interact with your XML.

XML Beautifier

Being a coder, we know how hard it is to deal with a messy, un-indented code. No one likes to see such untidy, messy code. CodeDribble’s XML Beautifier is made to get rid of such messy and untidy XMLs. Simply put your XML on left, hit the “Beautify” button on top and Ta Da, get your well-formed, well indented on the right, just with a click.

XML Minifier

At the time of deployment, we prefer that all relevant files should be as compact form as possible. CodeDribble’s XML Minifier does the same. With a single click transform your lengthy XML into a compact one.

XPath Tester

XPath can be used to navigate through elements and attributes in an XML document. CodeDribble’s XPath Tester helps you to validate your XPath and helps you to traverse through your XML nodes.

XML Comparator

Compare and find differences of XMLs with CodeDribble’s XML Comparator.